The First One


They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. But the beauty of blogging is that a new viewer’s first impression is always determined by your most recent writing, your latest post. There’s only one true first blog entry (this one), but there is the opportunity to make endless first impressions on new readers. While the purpose of this blog is not to generate a following, I can’t help but hope that this “endless-first-impressions” dynamic will bring out my best as a writer and thinker.

So what is the purpose of this blog, if not to create influence for myself? …

Subject Matter: 

Simply put, I’ll be writing about whatever my mind is filled with. And I do find so many things interesting. But I’ll alert you to some oft-occurring themes right up front.

As a follower of Jesus, much of my blogging will center around Jesus Christ and the personal revelation (or presupposition, depending on your thoughts toward Christianity) found in his life, death, and Resurrection. There will be everything from light posts of biblical encouragement to theological explorations that require a little more effort. Sometimes the tone will be light and in good humor; other times more serious and dense. Whatever is written, and regardless of the religious orientation of the reader, I write to you humbly, as a fellow traveler and learner.

You’ll regularly get honest book reviews, usually having to do with evangelical Christianity. Sometimes my mind may run to lay-psychology and -philosophy. I love observing personal relationships, and shoot a little photography as well. An aggravated Texas A&M football post is likely to creep in during the fall. You never know. I’m a jack of many trades, master of none. Comments are welcome; they will light my darkness.

Now, I hold no false hope – none of you will find all of my blog posts interesting. If you did, you would be me. And there’s quite enough of that, I think. But if any of the above topics kindle your mind, I ask you to consider clicking on that nice little “follow by email” button in the top right corner. The only hint of creativity I am gifted with is in piecing words together; with this I aim to interest you, inspire you, and, most often, enflame your heart for the glory of God.

One last thought:

If you made it down to these last words, thank you – a goal in the future will be to keep posts crisp and clean. And if you didn’t quite make it this far…well, never mind. Apparently I made a bad first impression.

Until next time.


One Comment on “The First One”

  1. Marshall Nunley says:

    Well done. Look forward to some new perspectives.

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