Something Holy Called Me

It’s four in the morning. My days and nights got a little off, and I somehow went to bed at nine last night and woke up four hours later at 1 am for no apparent reason (I was unbelievably awake; this has never happened in my life). I have been struggling recently to get ready to teach at a Disciple Now next month, and I’m positive that God woke me up this morning to help me work on it. So wake and work I did. The talk outlines came freely and smoothly. The last few hours have been a special experience – dark, quiet, pensive. I was reminded of the opening words of RC Sproul’s book “The Holiness of God,” in which he describes a deep experience with God in the middle of the night back in his college years. I wrote an excerpt for you to read below if you’d like to. This is literally the beginning of the book.

“I was compelled to leave the room. A deep, undeniable summons disturbed my sleep; something holy called me. The only sound was the rhythmic ticking of the clock on my desk. It seemed vague and unreal, as if it were in a chamber, submerged under fathoms of water. I had reached that edge where the line between consciousness and unconsciousness is blurred…Still vulnerable to the inner summons that said, ‘Get up. Get out of this room.’ A burst of wakefulness made me jerk upright and swing my legs over the side of the bed and onto the floor. Sleep vanished in an instant, and my body sprang into resolute action.

…Then I sank to my knees. I had reached my destination. I was ready to meet the source of the summons that had disturbed my rest. I was in a posture of prayer, but I had nothing to say. I knelt there quietly, allowing the sense of the presence of a holy God to fill me…I was alone with God. At once I was comfortable. I wanted to linger there. To say nothing. To do nothing. Simply to bask in the presence of God. That moment was life transforming…”

It’s always nice to borrow someone else’s words to describe something special.

Hoping for all of God’s blessings for you this morning,


2 Comments on “Something Holy Called Me”

  1. Scarlet says:

    I really enjoy reading your post, they are all very insightful & inspirational! And on another note, your blog looks FIYA!! Great job bringing all of this together!

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