Faith vs. Science – False Fighting (Part 2)

So we’ve got ourselves a real case of the bifurcated truth going on here (see previous post). Therefore, it’s common knowledge (more like common myth) that faith and science are opposed to each other! Two irreconcilable factions warring against each other forever. Right? Well, not completely.

In the next post, I’ll land the series by claiming that true faith and true science are actually not opposed to each other. But for now I’ll pick on both sides a little bit. (And, for the record, I’m aware that there are Christian scientists in the world. I am not writing about two different types of people; I am writing about two different schools of thought, to which any given person might subscribe).

First, for faith (by this I mean a very specific way of thinking within evangelicalism that doesn’t give a rip about any scientific discovery of any kind and couldn’t care less if the periodic table melted into ooze):  Do not discredit the contributions to knowledge that sciences of many kinds have made and will continue to make. God blesses us through scienceMedical advances alone are cause enough to thank God for allowing us to learn about his world, let alone seeing the universe he has made. “The heavens are telling the glory of God” (Ps 19:1), and the science of astronomy has given us a front row seat to hear it! How sweet it is to live during an age with so much information about God’s creation at our fingertips. So I urge you: enjoy the knowledge God has given our undeserving generation. Receive the gifts God has given; they come in many forms.

But, O, dear science (and by this I mean secular, scientific, realist, atheistic “gotta prove it to believe it” thinking), at you I have a much heavier charge to level.

You see, if you’re a Christian, you’ve either witnessed the following conversation or been involved in it yourself:

Scientific atheist:  “God does not exist.”

Evangelical Christian:  “God does exist. I know this to be true.”

Scientific atheist:  “Prove to me by the scientific method that God exists.”

Evangelical Christian:  “…um…”

So Christians lose, right? Science trumps faith, haha! Good grief, no.

You see the problem with the atheistic thinking above is that there is a major assumption lurking behind the trusty old “prove it!” demand:  the assumption that the only way for something to be true is if it is seen to be logical. And repeatable. And containable. And provable. And nicely and neatly packaged in a way that human reason can grasp. Anything going beyond those parameters is rejected as a fairy tale – especially evangelical Christian faith.

There’s only one problem. Science was never meant to stand on its own as the only avenue to truth. Christians, do not be shocked to find out that you believe things that do not follow Aristotelian, scientific logical proofs. We believe in a God who is three-in-one – a mathematical anomaly. We believe that the King of the universe is 100% man and 100% God, for crying out loud! Not “logical”. But do not be bothered by this or ashamed of it. “God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise” (1 Cor 1:27). There are other ways to arrive at truth than by scientific principles – the personal revelation of Jesus Christ in your life, for starters. 

So let’s do a little re-run on our conversation from earlier:

Scientific atheist:  “God does not exist.”

Evangelical Christian:  “God does exist. I know this to be true.”

Scientific atheist:  “Prove to me by the scientific method that God exists.”

Evangelical Christian:  “No, you prove to me by the scientific method that the scientific method is the only way to discover knowledge.”

Scientific atheist:  “…um…”

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

And yet, my purpose is not to take sides and try to deliver a knockout punch to scientific and atheistic thinking. My goal is not division, but reconciliation. This will be made clear in a third and final post.



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