Faith vs. Science – False Fighting (Part 3)

48 hours late, my my. Nevertheless, onward we plunge.

This final post will be a simple one. In the previous two, I gave a brief, watered-down history of how we ended up with this whole ‘faith vs. science’ debate in the first place and then gave a little reprimand to each ‘side’. Now, I (unreservedly for the encouragement of the Christian body) give a short but pointed reconciliation.


To date, there are no discovered findings in the universe that have disproved evangelical Christian faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. And even better, there are no facts waiting to be discovered that can disprove the Christian faith, either. Better still, there are no facts previously discovered or waiting to be discovered that will contradict the Bible. Ever. This is because of one simple truth – God’s Word does not contain anything contrary to fact. True, biblical, evangelical Christian faith does not offer any assertions that are untrue to any degree. The Bible is the standard. If a scientific discovery claims a fact with is in direct contradiction to the Bible, then that claim is not a fact at all, and science has missed (this has happened repeatedly throughout history).


There are no sides. There is no faith vs. science debate. Faith believes that which is true by God’s will, while science observes and discovers that which is true by God’s will. End of story. I don’t care what a scientist thinks he’s doing; he’s observing the universe created by God for his own glory. It’s not about faith or science ‘winning’, because they are not opposed to each other.

Christians, you need not fear that one day something may be discovered that reveals that your convictions about Jesus were misled. Nothing of the kind exists. Jesus is the King of the entirety of creation (Colossians 1), and your trust in him is well-placed. Very well-placed.

See ya next week.


****Note to my non-Christian, scientific friends who read along:

I understand that the way that this is written must enrage you because of the lack of sophistication. No objectivity, no proof, no evidence – just assertions, assertions, assertions. The way this is seen to be ‘invalid’ is not lost on me. But remember, this post was written to Christians for their comfort and encouragement (see second paragraph). While I believe what is written above is completely true, it was just not fitting to offer evidence for every assertion; this is not an academic journal. If you would prefer to engage this topic at a little deeper level, send me an email. I think you will not be disappointed.

2 Comments on “Faith vs. Science – False Fighting (Part 3)”

  1. Melissa Nunley says:

    Love reading your blogs –you are a great writer and love hearing what The Holy Spirit reveals to you in your everyday life-great applications-encouragement-wisdom-truth and knowledge! Thanks for sharing what Christ is showing you😄👍Melissa Nunley

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