Lauryn Hill’s Gift

You don’t need a degree in musical theory to appreciate this clip. You don’t need to understand the terms crescendo, falsetto, or riff. You definitely don’t need HD video, which is a good thing since this clip is 16 years old and of horrible quality. But despite musical ignorance, poor video quality, and Wyclef Jean shouting indistinguishable Haitian phrases in the background, the voice of Lauryn Hill cuts through the air like a whip – and all you need are ears to hear.

The singing starts at 0:32. The real singing starts at 1:12. (Open link in new window for better video.)

I don’t know the state of Lauryn Hill’s heart before God. I don’t know why her professional career was so short-lived, or what her personal struggles are today. I don’t know whether she has placed her trust in Jesus Christ.

But I know that one night in 1996 she sang about him. And not halfway, either.


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